What better way to decorate a barn than beautiful flowers in an old rusted wheelbarrow. 


A Beautiful March Wedding

Kirra and Jordan signed up for their wedding months ago. They wanted a special day and their wedding was beautiful. Her and Jordan worked on many aspects of their design. They built a huge Boyter sign with lights and letters almost 3' tall. They hired Sky Pixel LA to video and once you see the following video you will be able to see their day and imagine your wedding at our Rustic Barn.

It's Homecoming Time of the Year

I took these photos of a friend's daughter this weekend. She wanted to have them taken at the Rustic Barn. Her daddy brought down a round hay bale and we came up with a few poses. The day was perfect for photos. You will see in one of the photos that her brother dropped by and surprised her.

Our First Wedding Was Spectacular!

The first wedding at Rustic Barn Productions was unbelievable. Everything moved smoothly. The catering was done by Maison Louisiane out of Natchitoches, LA. Their food was delicious. The couple chose a non-tradition cake theme. Instead of a cake she chose strawberry pies from Strawns Eat Shop Too and he had little bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes. The DJ was Nick with Mike's Light and Sound Co. He kept the reception going and the music was fantastic. I have never seen so much dancing. Meagan Awalt designed all the flowers. The photographer they chose was Milisa Pickett. I was able to stay out of her way and took some photos of my own. 

There were close to 30 children at the wedding and they were very well behaved. These two families were so easy to work with. We could not have asked for a better first wedding. The groom made some gorgeous doors out of barn wood for the outdoor ceremony area. After the wedding was over he told us we could keep them. We were so excited.

We want to wish Shelby and Nate a wonderful marriage and years of happiness.

Our Special Door at the Rustic Barn

I bought this door in Jefferson, Texas from the Walnut Street Mercantile. When I got home with it I realized it looked like quarter sawn oak on one side but not on the other. At first glance it looked real but up close I could tell it was painted with a faux finish. After looking on the internet I discovered in the early 1900's this faux finish was done. It was a guarded secret that they would not share. I was intrigued.

Our First Wedding

This weekend we are excited to have our first wedding at Rustic Barn Productions. I made this sign for the happy couple. It has been a long 16 months of construction but it has been worth it. So many hot days of building and getting it ready. We were so happy last week when the Fire Marshall gave us the go ahead. That was a big day for us!

Our Dinnerware Collection is online

We are constantly adding to our dinnerware collection. We have been going to flea markets and estate sales for the past several years looking for what appeals to us. We have finally been able to unpack and really see what we have. It has been exciting working on it this week. And getting organized! When you have things spread out in different locations, you lose track. We finally had to stop going to sales. We had no more storage. So it's nice to be able to walk into the store room and see everything.

Construction Has Moved Inside

We finally got our permits and we started to work on the inside walls. I will be posting photos of this progress. Here are a few. We are making light fixtures from old house turbines, which we painted vintage copper. We purchased our inside doors from an antique store in Jefferson, Texas and they will have an antiqued finish. The next photo is of the south wall going into the office section. Both of the end walls will be covered with re-claimed barn wood. Some of the wood was salvaged from an old cotton shed from the 1860′s. Our floor will be stained concrete and the color is Jerusalem brown. The last photo is of our bride’s dressing stool that is around 80 years old. Stay tuned….