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Rachel Thomas

(on the right)
I have worked in accounting for the past 20 years at a large corporation. I am as comfortable crunching numbers and keeping a budget on track as I am at maintaining a deadline. My career has afforded me the important skills that will translate to our new venture. I now have the opportunity to take these skills and apply them to a creative new business, Rustic Barn Productions. A business where I can share my love for art, design and photography as well as my specialty in floral design.

Tammy Randall

(on the left)
Working as a professional artist, I have spent my entire career involved in creative design. Everything from print media to photography, fine arts to graphic design, as well as working for a deadline sensitive media corporation or owning and running a successful business.  It all comes down to the art of it. Pencil or pixel, the artistic vision must shine through. At Rustic Barn Productions we know your event is about the experience from start to finish. We are committed to making that experience the best it can be.